Senior Operations Manager


Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Nature of work


job content
1. Be able to independently take charge of the department's product operation work, including but not limited to collecting and sorting out the department's product requirements, connecting with the product manager, following up the requirements, and tracking the performance of the product after its launch;
2. Be able to establish an effective data tracking mechanism according to the operation objectives and the current situation of products, promote and optimize the operation plan according to the business development requirements, and be responsible for the implementation of online related product promotion activities to achieve kpi indicators;
3. Continue to follow up the product effect, analyze user behavior, demand, understand the trend of competitors, and conduct competitive analysis;
4. According to the current situation of operation, the existing processes should be commercialized to optimize business efficiency.
Job requirements
1. Have good analytical ability and logical thinking, sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance, and can complete projects independently;
2. Have insight, independent analysis ability, and strong learning and innovation ability, language expression ability;
3. Enthusiasm for product operation, passion for innovation and solving challenging problems;
4. Be able to make prd and prototype drawings, have banking experience or be familiar with installment e-commerce, community e-commerce and online earning industry is preferred;
5. With strong pressure resistance, execution and learning ability.