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Main products produced by Dongguan Coso Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. include series of metal detection equipments such as metal detector, metal detection instruments and metal detection machines, metal testers, needle tester, metal detection doors, security doors, X-ray foreign object detection machines, X-ray security inspection machine, weight sorting machine, etc.. The company, located at Dongguan, Guangdong, with advanced manufacturing industry, is a well-known high-tech company specialized in the metal detection equipment research, manufacturing and sales. After years of development and accumulation, the company has developed a series of metal detection equipments suitable for various customer needs, to provide various customers at home and abroad with perfect solutions and a large number of products and services that meet requirements, with extensive customer groups. The company’s products has passed EU CE certificate, and sold to all regions throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions, enjoying a very high reputations among the detection equipment industry.

The company has complete product series and rich varieties, which can meet different needs for various metal detection equipments or instruments in different industry. The company’s products are divided into two series according to the industry: one is metal detectors for industrial uses; and the other is for metal detectors for security. The metal detectors for industrial uses are extensively used in food, drugs, drinks, tools, textiles and clothing, leathers, bed products, cement, chemicals, paper making, injection molding, wood processing, crushing processing, thermal power generation, mining machinery and other industries, and used for detection of various metal impurities or foreign matters included in the raw material or product (such as iron, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, stainless steel, etc.),to ensure the safety of products or processing machinery or equipments, playing an important role in the food industry HACCP certification, pharmaceutical CMP certification and ISO 9000 certification of other enterprises. Metal detectors for industrial uses mainly include the following types: conveying type metal detector, needle detection machine (needle inspection machine, needle detection instrument), split-type metal detectors (for streamlines), metal separator, etc. The metal detectors for security are extensively used in security checks of government agencies, courts, prisons, detention centers, airports, docks, customs, sports venues, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, etc. and anti-theft inspection in factories and enterprises, mainly include the following types: through-type metal detector (also known as metal detection door, security doors), hand-held metal detectors and underground metal detectors, etc..

The company attaches great importance to the independent research and developments and technical strength, and now, it has formed a technical team with independent research and development ability, to ensure that the company can continuously launch new products with high technical content that can meet customer demands. The company’s R&D staffs have many years of experiences in the metal detection equipments and instruments, with rich theory and experiences in research and manufacturing of metal detection equipments. The company’s existing products are manufactured by advanced technologies, with high detection sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and stable performance, etc..

The company can customize various specifications of metal detection equipments according to customer’s special requirements, and design and install them according to user’s production line characteristics, to achieve fully tailored. The company’s products have trusted quality and win good appraisal from customers at home and abroad.

The company always insists on “customer focus” marketing and service concepts, and takes “meeting customer’s needs” as the primary goal, to make efforts to provide professional services and qualified products to customers. To this end, the company starts to establish sales service networks throughout the country while continuously improving product quality, to provide considerate and timely services to customers.

The company’s business tenet is to “provide first-class products and services to customers wholeheartedly”. We welcome friends from various circles to inquire our products and services!

Dongguan Coso Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can provide metal detectors and metal detection instruments. We welcome your inquiry about the details about metal detectors and metal detection instruments. There are a variety of products of metal detection instruments. The applications of metal detectors and metal detection instruments have slight differences. We will provide you with comprehensive industrial solutions.

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