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Candidates for admission of security metal detectors "battle"

Candidates for admission of security metal detectors "battle"

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2019/07/16 09:30
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"The most stringent entrance of" just punishment for cheating in exams, this year, the province will implement the college entrance examination paper transport in the whole process of "video surveillance" and "inspection" while candidates entering high security, there will be metal detectors instrument "battle detection."
"The most stringent entrance of" just punishment for cheating in exams, this year, the province will implement the college entrance examination paper transport in the whole process of "video surveillance" and "inspection" while candidates entering high security, there will be metal detectors instrument "battle detection."
Confidential papers
Entrance examination this year, the province has 16 cities, 91 test areas, 305 test sites standardization countries held a total of 14 868 exam. All the examination room are equipped with video surveillance and full coverage of multi-level online inspection functions.
"By then more than 50,000 teachers will participate proctor, more than 20,000 other examination affairs personnel directly service exam." Education Enrollment Examination Yuan Province relevant person in charge told reporters that time, the provincial education department hiring more than 200 sub-provincial inspector go to each test area patrol inspector. At the same time, all levels of public security, environmental protection, network management, network monitoring, network declared, radio management, health and epidemic prevention, electricity and telecommunications systems and departments, logistics and other positions in the entrance guard entrance.
To ensure absolute security paper, recycled paper conveyance distribute full participation by the public security, confidentiality and other departments or supervision of papers stored in the secret room, the whole process of transporting video surveillance and inspections.
Strict admission of candidates entering the security metal detectors battle
This year, the invigilator with hand-held metal detector, strengthen field security approach, candidates at the time of admission for an initiative with the invigilators security.
According to regulations, candidates do not bring into play the following items: a variety of communication tools (such as mobile phones and other wireless receiver, transmitting device), electronic storage devices and memory recording correction fluid, correction tape and other items; clothing, metal jewelry with metal; watch or other timing tools, rubber and other unconventional.
Hearing test
English listening test to ensure the safely and smoothly is a priority for this year's college entrance exam preparation services. Hu Yusheng introduced after research inside and outside the province, on the basis of a comprehensive expert advice and recommendations on the candidates, the province developed a special hearing test 2016 implementation. To enhance exam audition, inspection, are organized around the high school English teacher and technical experts for each examination room one by one audition, testing, and some cities also invited deputies and CPPCC members and candidates parental involvement.
Provincial Education Enrollment Examination Yuan to remind candidates, when hearing test must be calm, cool, we must not be impatient. "Listening exam experience infrequent events, do not panic, irritability, invigilator and test center staff will promptly disposed of in accordance with contingency plans."