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PEC2005C high sensitivity free fall pipeline metal separator

PEC2005C high sensitivity free fall pipeline metal separator

Metal Separator

schematic diagram 

PEC2005C high sensitivity free fall pipeline metal separator adopts German technology, high-end products, it has high sensitivity and reliability and reliability. It is used to separate magnetic and non-magnetic metals from free fall bulk materials, the special software is used to improve the detection performance. It has product effect automatic or manual learning function;Integrated metal foreign body rapid elimination system, it’s suitable for testing bulk products.Even if the metal is sealed in the product can also be detected.
Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry, chemical industry, other industries of bulk metal foreign body detection.
Product features:
1.Shell and the direct contact with products’ metal parts are made of stainless steel 304
2.A variety of apertures can be chosen, which can meet all practical applications
3.With counter, it can record the number of rejection records of contamination so as to know the product percent of pass 
4.With learning function, product effect inhibition function, it can adapt to the detection of different products
5.With 200 kinds of product storage function, it can be quickly changed the product parameters
6.The frame structure is suitable for cleaning parts of the body;Compact structure, it’s easy to install
7.The rapid elimination of the system can reduce the material loss to the greatest extent, and will not interfere with the normal production process;
8.Detected material characteristics:Bulk material, dry, good flowability, powder particle.(Size not greater than 8mm)