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Liquid metal separator

Liquid metal separator

Metal Separator

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EC2005E Liquid metal separator adopts digital intelligent technology to realize the full digitalization and intellectualization of the metal detection so that the performance is excellent, the operation is simple, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
It applies to the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, liquid and paste materials, pump pump delivery or fill in the application of jam, chocolate, soup or sauce and other liquid substances of metal foreign matter detection.
Product features:
1.The metal separation system can remove magnetic or nonmagnetic metal impurities from the pumped liquid or paste products (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
2.After the detection of the metal, the valve will be removed from the contaminated material into the waste bin, arc valve removal device designed specifically for viscous materials.
3.The metal separator picking joint in stainless steel frame, is used to install the desktop or wall. If necessary, it can also be installed to the movable and adjustable bracket.
4.By using a quick connector, it can be conveniently integrated into an existing pipeline system.
5.High strength stainless steel material, it’s easy to clean.
6.With self-learning function, up to 100 kinds of product storage function.
7.A variety of caliber can be chosen, the highest sensitivity can detect 0.3mm diameter ball.