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DMC6010 high sensitivity double probe conveyor needle detector

DMC6010 high sensitivity double probe conveyor needle detector

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Needle Detector
It is mainly used in toys, clothing, textiles, footwear, food and other industries to detect broken needle, wire and other iron containing metal including or dropping in raw materials or products.
Product features:
1.The detection probes are not parallel, there are angles between them. With positive and negative pole magnetic field corresponds to fork principle, It avoids the uneven distribution of magnetic field and the influence of different detecting position in the test area. So it improves the detection sensitivity and stability of the machine, and check the quality of the product strictly.
2.Photoelectricity controls magnetic field work
3.The light tube indicates the position of broken needle.
4.When the broken needle or iron is detected, the sound and light alarm;
5.Automatic counter records the number of detected objects.
6.Conveyor belt stops or rewinds automatically.
7.With intelligent double probe, it can completely eliminate missed detection.