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CW-600 Automatic Check Weight Machine for Heavy-weight Products

CW-600 Automatic Check Weight Machine for Heavy-weight Products

Check Weigher

The machine is mainly suitable for detection of large weight or volume products, especially suitable for testing the whole cartons whether they lack some products or not, such as: lack of bottle, box, lack of single item,, lack of bags, cans etc.
Main Functions:
1. Report function: built-in report statistics; the report can generate EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store more than 1 year statistical data (need to be equipped), at any time hold grip production status;
2. Interface: reserved standard interface, convenient for data management, can connect communication network with PC and other intelligent devices;
3. Achieve centralized control: can achieve centralized control of a computer / man-machine interface operates many check weighers;
4. Parameter recovery function: possessing the factory parameter setting recovery function.
1. Versatility: Standardized machine structure and standardized man-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials;
2. Easy to replace: can store a variety of formulations, convenient for the replacement of product specifications;
3. Simple operation: the use of Weilen color man-machine interface, the whole intelligent, user-friendly design;
4. Easy to maintain: The conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install,  maintain and clean;
5. Adjustable speed: adopt variable frequency control motor, speed can be adjusted according to needs;
6. High-speed, high-precision: adopt the high-precision digital sensors;
7. Zero tracking: can be manually or automatically cleared, and dynamic zero tracking.
8. Can combine with metal detector, x ray machine, code machine, automatic scanner, automatic sealing machine.