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CW-PD250F8 Conveyor Belt Multilevel Weight Sorting Machine

CW-PD250F8 Conveyor Belt Multilevel Weight Sorting Machine

Check Weigher


Suitable for seafood, aquatic product, meat and poultry etc.
Main Function:
1.Report function: built-in report statistics; the report can generate EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store more than 1 year statistical data (need to be equipped), at any time hold grip production status;
2.Interface: reserved standard interface, convenient for data management, can connect communication network with PC and other intelligent devices;
3.Achieve centralized control: can achieve centralized control of a computer / man-machine interface operates many check weighers;
4.Parameter recovery function: possessing the factory parameter setting recovery function.
1.Safe and Waterproof: The machine adopts special design for waterproof, and has strong resistance corrosion from seawater.
2.Highly effective and economical: Automatic checkweigher can replace human labor, enhance efficiency.
3.Versatility: Standardized machine structure and standardized man-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials.
4.Easy to change: can store a variety of formulations, convenient for the replacement of product specifications.
5.Simple operation: the use of Weilen color man-machine interface, the whole intelligent, user-friendly design.
6.Engineering plastic mesh chain, greatly improves the life span of transmission, and no need to maintain the whole machine.
7.Adjustable speed: adopt variable frequency control motor, speed can be adjusted according to needs.
8.High-speed, high-precision: adopt the high-precision digital sensors.
9.Customized: levels can be chosen according to customers’ requirements.
10.Zero tracking: can be manually or automatically cleared, and dynamic zero tracking.