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XR-4017 X-ray foreign matter scanner machine for large packing products

XR-4017 X-ray foreign matter scanner machine for large packing products

X Ray Machine


Suitable for large packing products to detect small bags materials, like food, drugs, chemical products etc. X-ray detector scanner not only can precisely identifies foreign matters belonging to all kinds of products, such as metal, bone, glass, china, stone, hard rubber, hard plastic etc, but also can provide excellent detection of product integrity, identify defects of product etc.
Main Functions:
1. Improved reporting function: support reporting of product detection, operating detection, maintenance statistics, and alarm statistics etc; support the statement exported to the Excel, can connect with SPC system; can create all kinds of reporting according to different conditions.
2. Dynamic image monitoring function: support device alarm system, and can connect with upper PEMA system. Totally simulate actual dynamic image monitoring, so any breakdown of device are very clear.
3. Automatic preservation: the pictures of detection results can be preserved automatically, which is easy for users to look up.
4. Improved software function: advanced shielding function, can provide best sensitivity of detection; have function of detection of defects.
1.High and reliable security
·X-ray’s leakage rate is less than 1μSv/hour, which accords with American FDA standard and CE standard.
·Radiation produced to food is fairly less than 1Gy, so it is very safe.
·Improved safety construction can effectively reduce leaking accident because of users’ wrong operation.
2.Friendly human-machine interaction:
 ·High resolution 17 "LCD full color and touch display is easy to achieve human-machine interaction.
 ·Automatically setting detection parameter, greatly simplifies operation procedures.
 ·Automatically preserving detection pictures.
3.Convenient and simple cleaning and maintenance:
 · Simple disassembly is easy for cleaning.
 · The waterproof level of detection tunnel is IP66, and other constructions accord with IP54, so it can be cleaned with water.
4.Strong ability to adapt environment
 ·Equip German industrial air conditioning; environment temperature is -10℃--40℃, which can help food keep fresh in long-term bad production environment.(whether high temperature or low temperature)
 ·Full airtight case is waterproof and dustproof.
 ·Equip high-property dehumidifer, which can bear  humidity of 90%.
5.High configuration and stability
 ·The main components of device come from international first-class brand, which can guarantee stability of machine and its service life.