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Metal separation equipment

Metal separation equipment

Metal Separator
1. Application industry
Plastic industry, chemical industry, food industry.
two. working principle
The raw material passes through the detector 2 in a falling manner, and when the metal is detected, the separation baffle 5 is immediately activated to separate the raw material containing the metal particles 4.
The mouth 6 is excluded, and the qualified product falls straight into the qualified material from the 7 qualified material discharge pipe.
Product advantages
1. Intelligent detection, maintenance-free;
2. The outer casing and the metal material that directly contacts the product part are made of stainless steel 304;
3. Special structural design can effectively avoid interference from external factors such as vibration, noise and product effects;
4. A variety of calibers are available, and the model meets all practical applications;
5. It can avoid product accumulation, blockage and cause mold;
four. Performance characteristics
1. The detection detection coil, the controller and the separating device are integrated, and the installation and use are simple;
2. Quickly reject by means of the rejecting device, which can greatly reduce material loss;
3. Low installation height for easy integration;
4. Test material properties: dry, good fluidity, no long fibers, no conductivity;
5. Detecting material temperature: less than 80 ° C, temperature exceeding this range, optional special high temperature option;
6. The controller can be installed at 10m in the detection position;
7. It is mainly used for the detection of loose granular materials (particles <8mm) fed by gravity self-flow, which can be used in plastics industry, food industry, chemical industry.
V. Benefits of using a metal separator
1. Protect production equipment
2, improve production efficiency
3, improve the utilization of raw materials
4. Improve product quality
5, reduce equipment maintenance costs and loss caused by shutdown maintenance