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Metal detection equipment

Metal detection equipment

Food Industry
I. Product Overview
AEC500C (Touch Screen Edition) series of transport digital intelligent metal detectors are intelligent metal detection equipment developed by digital intelligent technology, which realizes the full digitalization and intelligence of metal detection technology, excellent performance, simple operation and improved enterprise. Production efficiency.
2. Scope of application
AEC500C (Touch Screen Edition) series of transport digital intelligent metal detectors are used in many industries and fields such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, clothing, rubber, toys, paper, sanitary products, electronics, renewable resources, etc. Various metal impurities such as metal chips, broken needles, iron wire, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc., which are mixed or lost in raw materials or products.
Three. Product Features
1. The operating system adopts humanized and intelligent design, and the high-definition 7-inch touch screen is intuitive and convenient. The interface is easy to operate, easy for the staff to operate intuitively, and can obtain effective information without complicated operations;
2. With one-button self-learning function, it only needs to pass the detection product once through the detection channel according to the set program, and then automatically set and memorize the product parameters automatically, without manual adjustment, the operation is very simple;
3. Has user access log and detection log data storage and display. The total number of products produced and the number of detected items are statistically stored. The main interface can display the total number of production, qualified, defective product data, date perpetual calendar, and traceable logs.
4. Casso's unique detection signal strength display can clearly reflect the signal size of metal foreign objects in the product;
5. With more than 200 kinds of product parameter memory function, it can store the detection parameters of more than 200 kinds of products. Once the storage is set once, it can be called the next time, no need to adjust again. Ability to quickly convert products on the production line;
6. With automatic fault detection and prompting function, it can effectively eliminate invalid detection;
7. Chinese and English and other languages ​​to choose from;
8. The probe part is made of the unique material and production process of the cable. It has high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and stable performance. The service period is more than 10 years.
9. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, which is easy to assemble, debug and disassemble, easy to maintain and low in maintenance cost;
10. It can be tailored according to the size, weight and product characteristics of the tested product to achieve the detection effect;
11. Various automatic conveying, rejecting and control systems can be customized according to the characteristics of the production line to achieve seamless connection with the production line and improve production efficiency;
12. According to the environmental and safety needs of the production site, waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration and explosion-proof customization can be carried out to ensure the safety of the equipment.