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AEC500D Series High Sensitivity Metal Detector

AEC500D Series High Sensitivity Metal Detector

Metal Detector
AEC500D Series high sensitivity conveyor metal detector adopts Germany technology, and have high detection sensitivity as well as stable properties.
Suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry that have high requirements detection sensitivity to detect bulk products or packaged products. It can help related companies pass HACCP, FDA, QS, ISO90000 certificate.
1.Adopt advanced digital excellence technology, and have high detection sensitivity.
2.Stable stainless steel detection head and conveying system ensure stable detection, good property and long lifetime.
3.Have self- learning study function, can automatically digitally learn and store product’s features. Besides, it can effectively eliminate product effect.
4. It can store more than 200 kinds of testing data of products, which can quickly change product’s parameters.
5.The inner coil adopt completely sealed method to effectively avoid spreading out electromagnetic wave. And it can reduce wrong alarm because of the movement of external metallic components.
6.High ability of noiseproof; suitable for vibration and temperature change in the industry.
7.It has many foreign languages operation system. Different foreign consumer can choose according to their needs.
8.Reject system: push lever, swing arm, air blowing, flop drop can be chose.
9.Comply with HACCP, GMP,FDA, QS, ISO90000 certificate
10.The automatic conveying system, reject system and control system can be customized according to production line’s features, which can enhance production efficiency.