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Metal leak detector (deoxidizer leak detector)

Specially used in food packaging bags to prevent omission of deoxidizer

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  • Metal leak detector is a metal detection device specially designed to prevent the omission of deoxidizer in food packaging bags.

    Performance description:

    1. Adopt electromagnetic induction and photoelectric sensing technology, with high sensitivity and anti-interference ability;

    2. Detection equipment is composed of transmission mechanism, photoelectric switch, metal detection and control part;

    3. The photoelectric switch is installed at the feed inlet. When it is judged that there is material entering the detection area and the deoxidizer is detected, it can pass safely. When the detector does not detect the deoxidizer, it will send an alarm stop signal;

    4. The tested object is transported by the conveyor belt and can be connected with the flow line for matching use. The flow line automatic detection is implemented. The leak detector adopts audible and visual alarm, and automatically reverses or stops at the same time. It is extremely convenient and reliable to operate.


    Main technical parameters:

    1. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50HZ ± 10%

    2. Power: instrument 60W; Motor 60W

    3. Detection width: 400 mm (customizable)

    4. Test thickness: 20mm (only for deoxidizer)

    5. Detection sensitivity: 10 levels, adjustable

    6. Detection capacity: Fe Ф  1.2-1.5mm (detection area surface)

    7. Belt speed: 34m/min (governor can be installed)

    8. Overall dimension: (length × wide × Height) 1610mm × 510 mm × 400mm (customizable






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