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Capsule polisher and metal separator all-in-one machine


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  • Collection of capsule dedusting, polishing,metal detection, rejecting; With compact structure design and enclosed conveying tunnel.



    Capsule polisher specializes in the dedusting, polishing, feeding and rejecting of all types of capsule. It can remove the dust of capsules, improving surface smoothness, at the same time, 100% rejection of capsules that are empty, broken or less quantity.  



    1.Rotary nylon brush with excellent polishing performance,high production efficiency,meets GMP demands.

    2.Inlet,outlet and brushes of main axle are detachable and easy to clean, which meets the requirement of relevant laws and regulations.

    3.Metallic parts contacting with tablets are all made of stainless steel mirror 316L, which meets the demand of GMP.

    4.Install without tools and smart appearance.

    5.The rejecting device can separate capsules that are empty, broken or less quantity, which can prevent unqualified capsules enter into next process.

    6.Equip with variable frequency motor.Equip with lockable trundle for convenient movement.

    7.The height of input and output are adjustable.





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