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NWMC2000 Needle Detector for Non Woven

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    It is used to detect magnetic metal foreign body in bedding, sheet metal processing, non-woven fabrics, collodion, detection and other large or wide needle cotton goods.
    Product features
    1.With imported integrated circuit, it has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, anti vibration and can be used with the assembly line and not affected by other pipeline equipment;
    2.Sensitivity can be adjusted freely;
    3.Sound and alarm lamp automatically alarm, or output signal to the central control of the assembly line;
    4.It can be customized for different widths according to the factory production line requirements.


    Specification parameters:
    Tunnel height: 100mm~300mm (Can be customized according to requirements)
    Tunnel width: 600~2000mm (Can be customized according to requirements)
    Sensitivity: Fe.0.8 mm above

    Power supply: 220V 50Hz
    Power: 100W
    Alarm mode: Sound and alarm lights.

    Alarm output signal: Relay contact signal AC220V1mA

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