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JZQ86 Handheld needle detector

Detect the specific position of broken needles mixed in clothing and toys

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  • Description
  • Specification
  • Application:

    It is used to detect the specific position of broken needle in clothing and toy.


    Product features:

    1.The needle detector can work continuously for a long time without heating, and does not produce overload phenomenon

    2.It has the advantages of simple operation and low power consumption.

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  • Related parameters:

    1. Dimension (length x width x height) 135mmX65mmX35mm

    2. Detection sensitivity: detection distance: 10mm, diameter: 1.2mm iron ball; The detection distance is 50mm, and the diameter is 0.7x20mm.

    3. Battery: rechargeable battery can be equipped.

    4. Weight: 280g





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