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NFMC2000 wide flat plate needle detector

Detection of non-woven fabrics, needled cotton, leather, cloth and other wide items

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  • Description
  • Specification
  • Application:

    It is used to detect magnetic metal in non-woven fabrics, fast collodion, needle cotton, leather, cloth and other thin and wide items.


    Product features:

    1.With imported integrated circuit, it has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, anti vibration and can be used with the assembly line and not affected by other pipeline equipment. It can be used in the conveyor speed of 5-100 M / min of the machine or conveyor line

    2.Sensitivity can be adjusted freely;

    3.Sound and alarm lamp automatically alarm, or output signal to the central control of the assembly line;

    4.It can be customized for different widths according to the factory production line requirements.

    Key words:
    • wide
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  • Related parameters:

    Detection height: 1-20mm.  

    Detection width: 1000-4000 mm (can be customized as required)

    Sensitivity: Fe φ More than 0.8 mm.  

    Power supply: 220V 50Hz.  

    Power: 100W.  

    Alarm mode: sound and alarm light alarm at the same time; Alarm output signal: relay contact signal, AC220V, 1mA.

    Overall dimension (length × wide × Height mm): 2000 × three hundred × 250 。  

    Weight: 80 kg.





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